ClearPath contingent labor compliance experts to present best practices at HR West 2015

5th February 2015

Session is part of the annual, three-day NCHRA event and will focus on how top performing companies reduce the financial risks of engaging contractors/temps and drive down the costs of paying them

The use of contract workers, consultants and temps has grown exponentially over the last several years to become a core part of the workforce mix. However, many companies struggle to implement the best method for engaging their contractors or effectively deal with the associated compliance issues.

ClearPath Workforce Management’s VP of Compliance and Client Services, Sue Ortiz, along with Jason Posel, SVP, Strategy and Solutions will be hosting an educational seminar titled ‘Effectively Engaging the Contingent or Temporary Worker’. The session is being held on March 3rd and will provide an excellent introductory session for those wanting to get to grips with the underlying aspects of using contract workers including payment options and potential risks.

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The session will cover the following topics:

Contractor Compliance:
The webinar will look at the importance of correctly classify your contract workers and the challenges HR reps face when trying to stay in compliance with IC regulations, co-employment issues, and wage & hour rules. Also covered are the financial ramifications of misclassifying workers and a look at some real numbers to provide an idea of the potential financial risk companies face should they be audited.

Cost-effective Options to Engage and Pay Contract Workers:
Get a high level view of best-practice models that companies use to engage and pay contract workers. Understand how best to engage contractors sourced internally without the use of a staffing firm, and examine options to help determine the best model for your firm. Having the right partners in place can help to significantly reduce costs, streamline processes and minimize internal administration.

Learn critical compliance best practices as well as ways to consolidate your contracts and administration.

HR West 2015, California's premier HR event, brought to you by the NCHRA.

Oakland Convention Center

Who Should Attend?
• HR Professionals
• Hiring Managers
• Recruiters

Most sessions qualify for recertification credits toward your PHR, SPHR, PHR-CA, SPHR-CA and GPHR.
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