Legal & Compliance Update

30th April 2015

Round-up of state legislative activity

Several states have taken steps forward in approving legislation that deals with definitons of Indepenent Contractors and penalties for misclassification:

  • GEORGIA:  HB500 seeks to define employment and deal with reporting of IC misclassification instances
  • NEVADA: SB224 seeks to create a standard definition of an Independent Contractor”
  • NEW HAMPSHIRE: HB450  seeks to define employment and introduce specific guidelines as to what would constitute an Independent Contractor relationship
  • TEXAS: SB927 seeks to make the assumption that workers are employees unless the benefactor of the work can prove otherwise. It also proposes harsh new penalties for Independent Contractor misclassification

New legislation targeting companies who misclassify workers, combined with increasingly aggressive state and federal agencies who are conducting unprecedented numbers of employer audits, means that businesses need to understand how best to protect themselves.

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